Inspiration Magazine – Quarterly Payment

Have you ever dreamed of having your own magazine?

Maybe you thought it was strange when Oprah came out with her self-branded magazine, putting her own photo on the cover of every single issue. I know I did. When you consider this from today’s perspective though, it was a genius move. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of influence?

Now many other celebrities, like Chip and Joanna Gaines, and Jonathan and Drew Scott are releasing their own magazines. It’s become a great way to build recognition for your brand.

HomeFreeMedia has made it possible for YOU to have your OWN self-branded, digital magazine. And we deliver a completely branded product every month – with YOUR picture on the cover, YOUR branding, and YOUR full page ad!

Inspiration Magazine is a done-for-you, monthly, digital periodical for building your authority business. It’s tailor-made to help life coaches, mental health professionals, holistic wellness practitioners, self-help bloggers, and consultants:

  • Stay front of mind for your customers
  • Provide helpful information and tips
  • Have an amazing business card monthly magazine
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your industry

Here’s a sample magazine with MY personal branding. Imagine this with…

YOUR picture on the cover
YOUR URL at the bottom of the page
YOUR full page ad on the back cover

Take a look!

Inspiration Magazine

This is not PLR that will sit gathering virtual dust on your hard drive. This is a truly done-for-you product. You send me your headshot or logo for the cover, your website URL, and your ad for the back page and I will get everything customized and ready for you to deliver to your clients and prospects. Each and every month.

Inspiration Magazine has no ads, other than for YOU and your business. It’s also only twelve pages long. While you might think a bigger publication would be better, a twelve page publication is just right. Your clients or prospects will notice your face or logo featured prominently on the front cover, browse all the way to the end, and linger over your full page ad on the back cover, impressed at a publication branded just for you.

You can use a free WordPress plugin, as I have here, to display your magazine on your website, and/or offer it as a downloadable product. You can even take it to a print shop and have hard copies made to display in your waiting room or give away at a trade show.

Click image to view. Use X in top right corner to close the viewing window.

Inspiration Magazine 002
Inspiration Magazine 003
Inspiration Magazine 004
Inspiration Magazine 005

Establish Your Authority as a Leader

  • Offer YOUR magazine as a free opt in gift on your website
  • Send links to your list every month featuring the latest issue of YOUR magazine
  • Use a free WordPress plugin to show off YOUR magazine on your website
  • Place printed copies of YOUR magazine in your waiting room
  • Use printed copies of YOUR magazine as a premium giveaway at trade shows

Quarterly Payment

Please note that there will be a $50 USD setup fee for your initial publication.

Please note that there will be a $50 USD setup fee for your initial publication.

Sales are securely processed by ThriveCart. Accepting major credit cards through Stripe and Paypal.

You must provide a photo (headshot or logo) for your cover image, your featured URL, and any images and copy for the back cover. Please see example issues for an idea of how this could look.
Inspiration Magazine